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Handcrafting whips in Australia

and shipping worldwide for over 30 years

Authentic Australian Whips

Russell Schultz is a self-taught whipmaker based in Canberra, Australia. Since 1987, he has been handcrafting whips for collectors and performers in Australia and across the world. A matched pairs specialist, Russell enjoys the intricate art of whipmaking, and is well-known for pouring all of his energy and experience into every bullwhip and stockwhip he creates.


From his unassuming suburban workshop, Russell has become one of the stars of the whip-making scene. Many of this custom whips have been used by acclaimed performers and in well-known productions. With a reputation for being a plaiting perfectionist, Russell’s handmade whips are in high demand by whipcracking professionals and competitors.


Bullwhips are light, single-tailed whips, which feature an 11-inch handle and are available in lengths from 6 to 10 feet.

  • Brady-style bullwhips are our signature line
  • Suitable for double-handed cracking
  • Single or matched pairs, made to order

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In collaboration with John Brady, Australian whipcracking legend and showman, Russell created the popular Brady Signature Line of bullwhips.

The Brady-style whips are all skillfully handmade with kangaroo leather, and are excellent for target work and double-handed routines. Russell has been described by John as “one of the finest in the business”.

Our Signature Line


From 8 to 16 strands, our stockwhips are custom made with kangaroo leather or cowhide, complete with a robust steel-lined handle.

  • Preferred by cattlemen and women
  • Popular with whipcracking performers
  • Single or matched pairs, made to order

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Matched Pairs

Matched pairs are Russell’s specialty. It is the art of making two whips at the same time, and relies on preparation, precision and patience.

  • Most whips are available as matched pairs
  • Sought-after by whipcracking performers
  • Two-tone or plain, personalised colour

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Thank you for making such a fantastic whip! This is the best whip I have ever owned and can't thank you enough for building such a fine whip...

I would like to get some more of your whips, but I can't imagine one any better than this one...

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